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Lift & Automatic Door
Or Shutter Maintenance

If your business has a lift, automatic door or shutter, our team at OSS Managed Services Ltd can provide a repair, maintenance or management service to ensure your commercial or retail premises is secure and meets health and safety requirements. We can conduct an assessment and provide advice if you are unsure of the commercial or legal requirements; we can recognise a problem before it escalates into something more serious. By maintaining your lift or automatic doors, you can take advantage of the cost reduction, plus you have a dedicated company there to manage the system.

We have a directly employed lift engineer with 25+ years’ experience who manages all lift, shutter and auto door maintenance across our client’s estates.

Lift & automatic door maintenance
Refrigerant Gases Reporting

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Refrigerant Gases Reporting

Our team offers Refrigerant Gases Reporting, which includes summarising types and volumes of gases and recording all movements of said refrigerant gas. We offer this service for each site, which the client then uses for their annual CSR reporting.

At OSS Managed Services Ltd, we also manage TM44 Inspections and provide energy efficiency reporting. Our team can record maintenance at the asset level rather than at the site level to provide costings and replacement recommendations based on the age and efficiency of units. We can produce energy reports for individual buildings or a business’s entire portfolio of buildings.

Legionella Management

We have the expertise to guide you towards a programme that achieves full compliance in the most cost-effective way. Within our facilities management services, our team can control the risks from Legionella bacteria in any buildings by scheduling remedies dependent on the risk factors. At OSS Managed Services Ltd, our team carry out risk assessments that are required to identify risks and suggest remedial works with further monitoring if necessary.

Legionella Management

Why Choose OSS
Managed Services LTD?


We focus on providing flexibility within our Technical FM service, managing client sites on a national scale, and meeting the demands that businesses face.


The team are committed to maintaining high health and safety standards when improving our facilities management services for clients.


We can tailor our services to suit your current and future business needs, with a dedicated helpdesk available 24/7, 365 days a year.


With unparalleled industry experience and knowledge, the team at OSS Managed Services Ltd aim to deliver fit-for-purpose services to our clients.


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At OSS Managed Services Ltd, we are committed to providing excellent and professional services to clients Nationwide.

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